How to get The Most out of Your Planner

HI guys! Planners are my thing recently and it’s a really great tool to get organize. I use a paper planner called Create 365 The Happy Planner by me & my BIG ideas, they are my favorite!

Using a planner is a really great tool to get your life on track. I love using them and I use a couple. My post, How to Organize Your Life for The New Year talks about what to do to start organizing your life using a planner.

In order for you to want to use your planner regularly, the first thing to do is decide on what planner you will be using. Paper or electronic? You need to buy and use a planner you love. Having one you love will encourage you to use it more and more. For my personal use, the most effective for me is using a paper planner. I like to write everything down and I enjoy decorating it however I like.

If you’re new to the world of planners or simply need some advice for making yours more effective.. below are some ways to get your life (and planner) together. Let’s get started. 😍



Be Consistent

Being consistent is probably the most important thing to do. Our biggest mistake when using a planner is not being consistent. A planner can only work if you continuously update it. I like to set up my planner every Sunday and finish it up on Monday and write down any plans/goals for the week. What gets scheduled, gets done! 

Take it to Go

Taking my planner to go is a must! From my experience, it has helped a lot. Having your planner with you at all times will eliminate you forgetting important things. Whether you have errands or things to buy, you will never forget what needs to be done. I carry my planner with me in my purse anywhere and everywhere. It’s basically always with me.

Fill Your Planner

Start writing and fill up your planner with everything and anything you wish to plan. Dates, goals and appointments are some of the things I have in mine. It really helps to fill my planner with whatever I need, to help me keep on track, to not forget anything.

Use a Good Pen

Plain + simple. You really just need a good pen in order to really engage in your planner. You want it to be easy to read and having a good pen really helps. I like to stick to one color, black, to make it have a clean look. It really is your choice, I know a few people who loves to fill their planner with other colors.. that is completely up to you!

Make Time to Plan

I love making time to plan. Take ten minutes or thirty to get this done. I do mine once a week for my weekly goals and every month for my big goals for the month. You really need to make time to plan in order to get the most out of your planner. Take your time and make a list of things you want to happen or to simply just keep track of something.


There you have it guys, those are some ways I do to get my life (and planner) together. What do you do? Leave me a comment and let me know! Have a good day! 🙂

Amy. xx


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