Happy 6th Birthday Vivienne

She is six! Gosh, where has the time gone? I just can’t believe she’s six, it’s been an amazing feeling seeing her grow more and more.

She LOVES to play and is always full of energy. She has definitely grown into a stubborn little girl, but we try and teach her to always be grateful. She really is a sweet kid and is always telling us she loves us. We are just so proud of what she has accomplished so far. She is full of love and cares for everyone. We love that.

IMG_8612For her sixth birthday party we picked Trolls as the theme- one of her favorites. We celebrated it with family and friends at a local skating & fun center in town. There they all got to play and skate. It was a blast! We had pizza followed by cupcakes. I think she had a great time. 😍😍

Happy birthday big girl, we love you so so much!img_9178