Why Yoga Club

HI everyone! So today, I will be talking about a subscription box I really like, YogaClub. It’s an active wear subscription box that gets delivered directly to your door. It’s specifically styled for YOU. All you have to do is take a quiz based on your style and a personal stylist does all the work.

How to Sign Up 👇🏼

  1. Go to their website

  2. Click Get Styled

  3. Select a Package from below based on what you want to get every month

The Mantra (45$/month, 1 pair of brand leggings that retails around $70-$100)

The Karma (69$/month, 2 pair of outfit that retails $100-$140)

The Guru (79$/month or $89/every 3 months, 3 piece outfit that retails $120-$160)

Then . .

Choose to Take the Style Quiz or Choose a Pre-Set Style.

The Style Quiz will let you pick out styles you love and a personal stylist will do their best to pick out the best outfit just for you. That’s it! You are all set.


Why Yoga Club??

-all items are hand curated.

-all outfits are up to 60% off retail.

-every box delivered donates a yoga class to a child in need.

-easy exchange + you can cancel anytime.

-brands like teeki, free people, sketchers, Steve Madden, Manduka and more!


So what are you waiting for?  If you love active wear whether your on the mat, the gym or just doing some errands and want to look cute and comfortable.. then YogaClub is for you! I love getting my YogaClub box every month. I look forward to opening it and knowing I will have new workout clothes every month, it’s awesome.

Here’s 20% OFF your first box! Let’s go : )

Below is what I got in my January 2018 box- a pair of legging from Skechers + a sport bra by Free People. I love them!



Who I am & Why I’m here

I am a mom.

I love family.

I work a full time job.

I love fitness + health, being a mom, planning + organizing and more!

I am here because I want to entertain and provide helpful information to anyone who wants to listen to my story, to my life. 

This blog will consist of the everyday life of a full time mommy to a beautiful girl who I love so so much + has a full time job.  I want to talk about fitness and what I do to stay fit such as hiking.. a new hobby my bf and I started doing. We enjoy it so much. I also like planning, having my planners and being organize with anything and everything!

The Princess Life came about because my name is Princess. It is obvious by now that I am not a real Princess.. if only. I do get big smiles from little boys and girls when my bf lets them know my name. It’s a unique name. I, however, do not use that name everyday. Everyone knows me by Amy.

Princess is my birth name my biological mother gave me.

I am adopted.

It was a decision made by me, no one else. One of the best decision I have ever made. I love that I’m adopted. I am one of the lucky ones. I now have parents who love me, that’s all I ever wanted growing up.

Now I am a parent and I would die if something were to happen to my baby, I just cant. The idea of being a mother is everything.

So there you have it folks, my story in brief. The why and the who that makes up The Princess Life. I can’t wait to share more and more everyday.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Follow me if you want to hear more. If you enjoyed this, feel free to comment, share and like this post. Thanks for reading!

Amy. xx